Side Pull and Reins from

Rope Horse Tack and

Ima Rein Maker

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~Trailmaster Sport Bareback Pad

~Rope Horse Tack Side Pull

~Ima Rein Maker Braided Reins

I recently met an amazing company that makes the most beautiful and highest quality Side Pulls and other bitless accessories. I purchased a black and yellow with yellow camo Side Pull and  8round pattern reins to match my Black and Yellow Trailmaster Sport for my mare and am completely impressed with it. 

Now you can order MATCHING Rope Horse Tack for your Trailmaster Bareback Pad set. Just mention that you heard of them here at Trailmaster Bareback Pads and SAVE 10% on your purchase with Rope Horse Tack or Ima Rein Maker. The links are below.

 Rope Horse Tack   ~~~~   Ima Rein Maker 

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