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About Trailmaster Bareback Pads

Short Story About....

After a lot of money spent on ill fitting bareback pads it became more and more obvious that if I wanted a quality bareback pad that that fit my horse properly and gave me a comfortable, clean seat to ride on for hours on end, and one that I could afford I would have to make it myself. So that is what I did. Being an industrial sewer I had an advantage going into this thing. I pulled up a piece of my bedroom carpet (which had padding on the back) and cut out the first Trailmaster Bareback Pad and sewed it together on my home machine, since I did not yet own an industrial machine. I do not know how my little home sewing machine did it.

These pads have evolved and become better with every change. Now I am offering these bareback pads to others who are FED UP with really poorly designed or outrageously expensive bareback pads. I know how much I put into each bareback pad and I offer very fair prices. I am a one woman and her husband business. I will keep offering personal attention to each customer for as long as I can.

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